Episode 021 – Author and literary strategist Tom Blubaugh talks about his writing and what he does as a book coach.

 Show Overview

  • Author Tom Blubaugh has a background in marketing and is working as a literary strategist, or book coach. He started writing poetry in school (you’ll smile at his reason), and later discovered he had the gift of writing. Most of his writing was nonfiction, only venturing into fiction in 2011. In his early writing, he held seminars for churches on bus ministry and sold his bus ministry book at the back of the room. The backstory about his fiction book, Night of the Cossack, is an interesting story. Tom defines what he does as a literary strategist – a book coach, and how his long list of contacts are ready to help authors in building relationships to further their reach and platform. He describes how he talks to potential clients to know where they see their writing career in five and 10 years, their strengths and weaknesses, their competition, and more in order to determine if they can work together and what he can do for them. Having a book coach can definitely help writers and authors.


  • Fiction and nonfiction

My Books

Writing Motivation

  • I like knowing that I’ve influenced somebody with my writing.

The Most Important Thing I Learned About Writing

  • That there are a million way to do it.

My Most Difficult Challenge

  • Getting started with the writing process.

My Best Advice for Struggling Writers

  • Don’t quit. The two things I look for in writers are courage and commitment.

The two things I look for in writers are courage and commitment. @TomBlubaugh Click To Tweet

What Writing Success Means to Me

  • To me, success is accomplishing what God wants me to do, to help people and let Him work through me.

The Author That Inspires Me

My Favorite Book on Writing

How To Find Me

About Tom from his Amazon Author’s Page

  • I have written non-fiction most of my adult life. Recently I wrote a historical fiction novel, Night of the Cossack, which was published by Bound by Faith Publishers. I am now writing a sequel. I am a retired but active senior and enjoy time with my wife, Barbara, and family (we have six children and fourteen grandchildren), writing, photography, Bocce Ball and horseshoes. I also like to travel, speak to students who wish to write and writing groups and clubs.

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Author and literary strategist Tom Blubaugh talks about his writing and what he does as a book coach.



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