Episode 069 – Jami Amerine is a blogger with a unique voice who went to 69 to 1,000,000+ views in under two months.

Show Overview

  • Jami Amerine never considered herself a writer. Her gift is in her unique voice as a blogger. On September 26, 2015 she wrote a blog post “An open letter to my children… you’re not that great” that went viral. Her blog went from 69 blog views in August 2015 to over 680,000 views by the end of September and by the end of October the number was right at 1,000,000 views! She admits to going into blogging kicking and screaming but is now having the time of her life. Several blog posts during that time went viral. The Write 31 Days website challenge helped her focus. Jami stresses the importance of writing for an audience of one and talks about blog posts going viral. She shares her feeling on comments, both negative and positive. Not surprisingly, Jamie says writers who want to be published and want to be heard need to blog. She struggles being told she needs to be known for one thing. In part two of the podcast we talk about her challenges in writing, the best advice she’s received, how syndication has helped her blogging, what success means to her, and much more. This is a lively interview that will inspire you to learn more about blogging and to check out Jami’s popular blog posts that went viral.


  • Blogging and nonfiction books.

My Books

  • Stolen Jesus is due out in the Fall of 2017 and a second book in the Fall of 2018.

My Writing Motivation

  • Originally I was motivated because I had to do it. But now I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had talking about my faith, my doubts and fears and putting it all out there and interacting with my readers that are exactly like me. I love it.

The Most Important Thing I Learned About Writing

  • I’m very wordy. So I’ve learned to go back and edit my post. I had to learn to slow down and think about what I’m saying.

My Most Difficult Writing Challenge

  • I have seven kids and life is busy and hectic. Life distractions make it harder to write.

The Best Advice on Writing I Ever Received

  • The best advice I received was to just start writing.

My Best Advice for Struggling Writers

  • Just write. Write, write, write. Just write it down.

What Writing Success Means to Me

  • I think writing success is a daily thing. If you touch one person or meet one person, with a good word or a laugh or a cry – that’s success. I don’t think you can do that every single day unless you are blogging and have a community.
I think writing success is a daily thing. If you touch one person or meet one person, with a good word or a laugh or a cry - that’s success. @JamiAmerine Click To Tweet

My Favorite Book on Writing

The Author That Inspires Me

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Jami’s Bio

  • Jami Amerine is a wife, and mother to anywhere from 6-8 children. Jami and her husband Justin are active foster parents and advocates for foster care and adoption. Jami’s Sacred Ground Sticky Floors is fun, inspirational, and filled with utter lunacy with a dash of hope. She recently signed a two book deal with Harvest House Publishers. Her book “Stolen Jesus” is scheduled for release Fall 2017. Jami holds a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences (yes Home Ec.) and can cook you just about anything, but don’t ask her to sew. She also holds a Masters Degree in Education, Counseling, and Human Development. Her blog includes topics on marriage, children, babies, toddlers, learning disabilities, tweens, teens, college kids, adoption, foster care, Jesus, homeschooling, unschooling, dieting, not dieting, dieting again, chronic illness, stupid people, food allergies, and all things real life. You can find her blog, Facebook and Twitter at the links above.

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