Episode 072 – Jane Daly writes about struggling through the loss of a child and the challenges of helping aging parents.

Show Overview

  • Jane Daly is the author of two books on lives hard issues – the loss of a child and the challenges of caring for your elderly parents. As a young mother she took a correspondence writing course and always knew someday she’d be a writer. She started writing seriously in 2008. Over the years she has written magazine articles, a column, flash fiction, a novel, and nonfiction. Writing articles and the column taught her to write tight and to specific short word counts. She describes flash fiction as fun and challenging because of the strict word count. Her writing has led to speaking opportunities about writing topics. In the interview, we talk about the hard issues she writes about – grieving through the death of their son from cancer and working through the seasons of caregiving elderly parents, which many of us will experience. We talk through gaining confidence to write, her writing processes, how life gives us topics to write about, the challenges of writing, the importance of a tribe for feedback and support, and more.


  • Nonfiction and fiction books, and articles

My Books

My Writing Obstacles

  • In 2008 I felt the call to write. Then in 2009 our son was diagnosed with cancer and it was very difficult to write. I’ve gone through a couple of job layoffs, and my father and son both passed away. All of these life events suck the emotional strength out of you and make it difficult to write. We all have things that keep us off balance so that we won’t complete whatever we are working on.

My Writing Motivation

  • I need something that uses my creative abilities and writing satisfies that need of creating. The written word is so powerful. I can be creative and reach people. That’s my motivation.

What I Love Most About Writing

  • It’s very satisfying to have at the end of the day, accomplished something. I set a word count every day and when I reach it, I feel like I have accomplished something.

The Most Important Thing I Learned About Writing

  • I’ve learned how insecure I really am. Rejection and self-doubt in the writing life is hard. But I’ve learned I can finish something.

My Most Difficult Writing Challenge

  • My most difficult challenge is to not be distracted by Facebook. I often set a timer to write for 20 minutes and then allow myself a short break. It’s a learned discipline.

My Most Rewarding Moment as an Author

  • That’s tough because there are so many firsts when you are writing. I don’t know whether it’s when you have your first contract, or getting your first royalty check, or getting your first box of your books with you name on them. I am just going to enjoy all my firsts – they’re all exciting.

Tips for Writers Trying to Get Published

  • What gave me confidence that I could be published is when I wrote magazine articles. Selling magazine articles gives you that little push that yea, I can do this.

Tip for Writing Success

  • Going to writers conferences is imperative. You cannot write in a vacuum or your writing will not be the best it can be. You need to be part of a critique group to spur you on.
You cannot write in a vacuum or your writing will not be the best it can be. You need to be part of a critique group to spur you on. @queenjanedaly Click To Tweet

The Best Advice on Writing I Ever Received

  • Just write. Just keep writing. Don’t stop writing. Write every day. And then write some more and then edit.

My Best Advice for Struggling Writers

  • Find your tribe of people that you can share your struggles with. Anyone who’s struggling should reach out to other writers.

What Writing Success Means to Me

  • For me, the success is somebody saying, “Wow, I read your book. That was really helpful. It gave me encouragement, it gave me hope. Thank you.” That’s success.

My Favorite Book on Writing

The Author That Inspires Me

A Favorite Resource

I like Splickety Publishing Group for their three flash fiction magazines. And here’s the link to my interview with Ben Wolf, the writer behind Splickety.

How To Find Me

About Jane from Her Amazon Author’s page

  • As a professional speaker, Jane talks to grief support groups, Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, and networking groups about how caregivers can avoid compassion fatigue, and offers hope to mothers who have lost a child.

From My Perspective

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