Episode 107 – Alan Fadling is a pastor to pastors, working with them, through his two books and Unhurried Living organization, to move away from a hurried life to one of unhurriedness.

Show Overview

  • Alan Fadling is the founder, with his wife Gem, of Unhurried Living, which grew out of his two books on that theme. He is a pastor and spiritual director, mainly to other pastors. The unhurried life is about an intentional deepening of one’s relationship with God. Alan has journaled for most of his life, with over 9000 journal pages. The Unhurried Living books came out a 20-year journey of using spiritual practices as a Christian leader and finding mentors in the practices to slow him down. Their focus is on personal leadership. The first book is An Unhurried Life and the second, just released, is An Unhurried Leader. An Unhurried Leader is for people who want to be persons of influence exactly where God has placed them. Alan describes grace-paced leadership and overflow leadership. He shares principles on how we can become unhurried people. We talk about the writing process of both books, the unhurried life podcast, and their online school where people can take courses.


  • Nonfiction books, blogging, and podcasting.

My Books

My Writing Obstacles

  • I have four enemies that pop up all the time, especially when I am writing. The four are anxiety, fear, insecurity, and self-doubt.
I have four enemies that pop up all the time, especially when I am writing. The four are anxiety, fear, insecurity, and self-doubt. @unhurriedliving Click To Tweet

My Writing Motivation

  • The sense of God inviting us to share our lives became the heartbeat of our ministry. My writing is sharing my journey.

On Staying Focused

  • It often helps me to schedule a day or two of focused writing. It’s more of a rhythm of life and seasons in my life. 

My Most Difficult Writing Challenge

  • Sometimes my perfectionism gets in the way. In the theme of our unhurried life ministry, part of what I need to do is slow down inside.

My Most Rewarding Moment as an Author

  • It’s been when someone has reached out and shared that something I wrote has touched them at a place of need.

The Best Advice on Writing I Ever Received

  • I remember as a first-time author talking to my publisher and he told me, “I would much rather have someone who has something to say then have someone who is really good at saying things.” I took it as advice to engage life in a way that you have something to say that helps.

My Best Advice for Struggling Writers

  • If you feel invited to write, believe that God has something unique to say through you that nobody else can quite say the same way. Lean into that and find courage in that.

What Writing Success Means to Me

  • I like to think of success not in terms of things I have no control over – like book sales, awards, or even the comments of other people. I like instead to think of my success in terms of faithfulness where I cultivate my relationship with God and then express that relationship [in my writing]. I want what I write to serve others, so that people will benefit.

My Favorite Book on Writing

  • I learn by reading writers that I admire and learning from their actual writing. Writers like Eugene Peterson who I was drawn to as a pastor to pastor.

How To Find Me

About Alan from His Amazon Author’s page

  • Alan Fadling (M. Div., Fuller Theological Seminary) is President and Founder of Unhurried Living, Inc. in Mission Viejo, CA, inspiring people to rest deeper, live fuller and lead better. He speaks and consults with leaders and their organizations internationally. He is the award-winning author of An Unhurried Life (IVP 2013) and An Unhurried Leader (IVP 2017).

From My Perspective

  • The From My Perspective segment of the show talks about Quora.com and the questions about writing that people ask and an opportunity for one to answer questions from others.

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