Episode 110 – Laura Taggart is the author of the book Making Love Last: Divorce-Proofing Your Young Marriage, written for young marrieds and millennials – but relevant to all married couples.

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  • Laura Taggart is the author of the book Making Love Last: Divorce-Proofing Your Young Marriage. The book is written for young marrieds, millennials in fact. However the book can help any married couple. Being a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she had to write when time allowed, writing two days a week – and completed the book in about 10 months. Laura took a writing course, hired a freelance editor to help her and got the book done. It’s an inspiration to hear her story with the obstacles she had to overcome, her motivation, and what she learned in the process.


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My Writing Obstacles

  • My biggest obstacle was primarily myself. I had a lot of self-doubt of whether I could do it. Did I have the writing ability, the stamina, the voice, the confidence, and much more.

My Writing Motivation

  • I really have a passion for strengthening marriages. By God’s design, they are one of the most beautiful and transforming parts of our life. I love seeing marriages heal and offering hope to disallusioned marriages.

The Most Important Thing I Learned About Writing

  • I hired a freelance editor to help me, as a new writer, and to edit the chapters as I wrote them. That was very helpful.

On Doing a Survey

  • I did an SurveyMonkey online survey to get input from millennials. It helped shape the book.

My Most Difficult Writing Challenge

  • The hardest part was being at my computer on a beautiful day outside. I love the outdoors. Secondly is when the creativity dries up.

Tips on Writing

  • One of the keys was getting my thinking organized. Doing a good, thoughtful job on the book proposal and chapter summaries was very helpful. The other key was to nourish my creative writing skills. A friend helped me strengthen my dialog to make it more colorful.

On Balancing Life and Writing

  • I kept boundaries around my two writing days to keep intrusions out, but also protected my other days from my writing creeping in.

Lessons I Learned

  • I learned to just stay with it. Even through periods of dryness. If you hit a block, do something that nourishes you. I also learned to embrace the corrections and suggestion from my editors and knew they would make the book better. And I worked hard to beat all my deadlines.

My Most Rewarding Moment as an Author

  • I was working with my acquisitions editor and she had not seen the full manuscript. When she read it she told me she could not put it down, telling me, “This is so good, it’s better than you know.” That blessed me.

The Best Advice on Writing I Ever Received

  • The best advice was to write in my own voice. It’s very therapy oriented with Christian spirituality.Content

My Best Advice for Struggling Writers

  • Write the book only you can write. You have experiences and a voice that no one else has. Write that book. Also, take a writing course. It gave me such a boost.
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What Writing Success Means to Me

  • If one couple is helped by my book, if one marriage is saved by my book, I’m good. I’m successful.

My Favorite Book on Writing

The Author That Inspires Me

  • C.S. Lewis is my favorite author – so creative and deep.

How To Find Me

About Laura from Her Amazon Author’s page

  • Laura Taggart is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over thirty years of counseling couples and families. She has been “in the trenches” with hundreds of couples, from those who are highly conflicted, recovering from infidelity, on the verge of calling it quits to those who want to make a good marriage better. Laura sees marriage as a profoundly transformative relationship, which, with courage, maturity, and tenacity, can change us into distinctly more authentic and intimate partners. She also has a heart for encouraging parents in the trenches of raising kids and helping families to thrive.
  • Laura graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with her Masters in Theology in 1982 and integrates her theological background and Christian spirituality in her work as a therapist and author. She has been an adjunct professor of counseling at Fuller Theological Seminary in Northern California and the Evangelical Theological College of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Laura lives in Pleasanton, California with her husband, Gary. She is mom to two adult children and Nana to two grandsons. In her spare time she enjoys cycling, golfing, blogging, traveling and serving in Ethiopia.

From My Perspective

  • I the From My Perspective segment of the show, I talk about the value of a book and how many speakers have discovered how having a book helps their authority and gives them expert status.

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