Episode 111 – Cathy Turney wrote Get 10,000+ Twitter Followers: Easily, Quickly, Ethically. She has three books on different subjects and taught herself Twitter to improve her social media ranking.

Show Overview

  • Cathy Turney first wrote a book about her dog, then an award-winning book about success with real-estate, and now, a book on getting 10,000+ Twitter followers, which I know will be a winner. Cathy taught herself how to use Twitter even though she was not a technical person. In the interview we talk about her book writing process, Twitter tips, differences between Twitter and Facebook to gain a following, her system to promote herself and get more followers, using hashtag searches, getting a banner, picking your Twitter name, and much more.


  • Nonfiction

My Books

My Writing Motivation

  • I find writing very cathartic. My motivation to write the Twitter book is that I sweated bullets trying to figure it out and I think there are a lot of people who would like to learn the right way to do Twitter. I also really enjoy helping people.

On What Makes My Twitter Book Different

  • Most otter books are written by left-brain techies. My book is written by a right-brain technophobe with lots of pictures, is easy to follow, and is excruciatingly simple.

On How the Book Has Helped Me

  • The book has given me credibility. When people search for me on Twitter or find me, they can see I have over 22,000 followers and that gives me street-credibiliy. It help build your image and your professional stature.

On Picking Your Twitter Name

  • You get two names. One is your handle, like @name and the other is your given name or something like that. Make them identifiable – don’t get too creative. Try to distinguish yourself from others with your name.

On Your Twitter Banner

  • You should make your banner really appealing. Use fiverr.com. Send them your book cover and other images you’d like to see in your personalized banner.

On Twitter for Writers

  • Writers are expected to be on social media. You have to have a platform.
Writers are expected to be on social media. You have to have a platform. @CathyTurneyLafs Click To Tweet

Writing Tip

  • Don’t be thin-skinned about criticism – it’s what you need to hear. You can weigh whether or not it’s relevant to your purpose.

Writing for a Niche Market

  • Do your research and take notes. Write everything down. Collect notes on everything related and you’ll end up with enough to start your book.

My Most Difficult Writing Challenge

  • It’s focusing. I have a sticky note on my computer reminding me to focus. Some days are easier than others.

Twitter Tips

  • Put a link and/or hashtags in your Twitter post to start with and then type your message. That way you can see how the link and hashtags affect the character count. Later you cam move them to the end of the tweet message. Spread your posts out during the day.

Life Lessons

  • You have to learn that no matter what you say, somebody is not going to like it. And never put something in writing that you would not want read back to you in court.

The Best Advice on Writing I Ever Received

  • Just do it. Don’t be overly critical of your writing. Just do it. You’ll improve year to year. Practice and a good editor will make perfect.

My Best Advice for Struggling Writers

  • Find out when your creative time is. Then just do it. Commit to doing it regularly every week. Schedule it.

What Writing Success Means to Me

  • It’s very affirming, especially when you are doing something that matters.

My Favorite Book on Writing

Favorite Resource

  • Social Jukebox – Less work, more social. A posting service for your tweets.

How To Find Me

About Cathy from Her Amazon Author’s page

  • Cathy Turney’s mission in life is to help her fellow real estate professionals laugh their way to sustained six-figure success which she has been doing for twenty-five-plus years as a real estate broker and, currently, managing partner at Better Homes Realty in Walnut Creek, California.
  • Laugh at the profession that puts a roof over heads, food in mouths, and mileage on bodies? Yes! A little levity can get you through pretty much anything in real estate.
  • But, who is Cathy Turney to opine on real estate? Her book, Laugh Your Way to Real Estate Sales Success, for Real Estate Agents, Wannabes, UsedToBes, and Those Who Love Them, won the 2015 American Business Association’s Best Business Book of the Year Award. She has earned numerous awards for sales and service and consistently ranks in the top ten percent for production, nationally. She has served on the Professional Standards Committee at the Contra Costa Association of Realtors and was one of the first real estate appraisers to be licensed in California. She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz.
    She is also an award-winning humorist and has written for the San Francisco Chronicle and national magazines.
  • Cathy’s first book, Dog Stories, Hilarious Tales of a Codependent Pet Owner published in 2012, hit Number 1 in its category on Amazon, as did her second book, Laugh Your Way to Real Estate Sales Success.
  • Cathy believes very strongly in giving back, and donates half the proceeds from her books and writing to the Farm Sanctuary, the Alameda County Food Bank, and Poodle Rescue.
  • She belongs to:
    • National Association of Realtors
    • California Association of Realtors
    • Contra Costa Association of Realtors
    • Bay Area Independent Publishers Association
    • California Writers Club, Mt. Diablo Branch
    • National Society of Newspaper Columnists
  • Cathy also serves on the board of directors for:
    • Women’s National Book Association
    • The Austin Healey Club, Golden Gate Chapter

From My Perspective

  • In the show’s From My Perspective segment I talk about the important of social media for writers and authors.

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