Episode 116 – Dorcas Cheng-Tozun is the author of Start, Love, Repeat: How to Stay in Love with your Entrepreneur in a Crazy Start-up World, a book which is applicable for writers and authors.

Show Overview

  • Dorcas Cheng-Tozun is the author of a book about staying in love with your entrepreneur, which is applicable for us writers and authors. She studied journalism and found she loved writing as a career. After starting as a blogger, she became a columnist. She’s also contributed to several anthologies. Her new book Start, Love, Repeat: How to Stay in Love with your Entrepreneur in a Crazy Start-up World is also perfect for anyone married to or in a relationship with anyone in a very intensive career, which is often us writers. But the book has useful advice for both partners.

Start, Love.RepeatGenre

  • Nonfiction

My Books

On Rejection

  • Keep practicing and pitching. Push yourself to do better. Give yourself a day to be sad and then pick yourself up and figure out what to do next.

My Writing Motivation

  • First and foremost, I write for my own personal healing. Writing has helped me process through difficult experiences trying to see the good in it and turn it into something positive in my life.

Why I write

What Other Writers can Learn from My Journey

  • It’s about being committed and persistence. You just have to keep going and keep trying.

My Most Difficult Writing Challenge

  • It’s so hard to stay focused. I have two young kids. When I have time to myself I have so much I want to accomplish. Housework, running errands, my work and my writing, socializing, volunteering. It’s hard. There’s so much expected of us these days.

My Most Rewarding Moment as an Author

  • It’s coming across people who are excited about the book. They tell me how much they need the book, how important they think it is and they can’t wait to buy it for themselves and for friends. That’s really rewarding for a writer to know that I have created something of value.

The Best Advice on Writing I Ever Received

  • For me it’s sitting in my chair and writing the first draft. It’s so painful creating the words and sentences from nothing. I just need to do it.

My Best Advice for Struggling Writers

  • Find a community of writers for encouragement and practical help. They can help with your first and second drafts and more. They can help with networking and connections.

What Writing Success Means to Me

  • I realize I have little control on over book sales and whether readers will like it. So I recognize I’ve put my best effort into the book. If I am able to make a positive impact in the lives of readers, that will feel pretty good for me.

The Author That Inspires Me

  • I love Anne Lamont for her openness and honesty humor.

How To Find Me

About Dorcas from Her Amazon Author’s page

  • Dorcas Cheng-Tozun is an award-winning writer, editor, and speaker. As a columnist for Inc.com, she writes about the intersection of startup life with marriage, family, and well-being. Her personal essays and articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Christianity Today, BlogHer, the Unreasonable Institute blog, The Entrepreneurial Leader, and dozens of other publications in the U.S. and Asia.
  • Dorcas has more than a decade of experience as a nonprofit and social enterprise professional. She served as the first director of communications for d.light, one of the world’s leading social enterprises. A Silicon Valley native, she has lived in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Kenya. She and her entrepreneur husband, d.light co-founder Ned Tozun, have been married for twelve years and have two adorable happy sons.
  • Dorcas has a B.A. in communication and an M.A. in sociology from Stanford University, as well as a professional editing certificate from the University of California, Berkeley.

From My Perspective

  • The show’s From My Perspective segment looks at “How good are you?”  How good is your writing, your knowledge of the publishing world, of punctuation, of dialogue, writing queries and proposals, and more. Are you always growing in your writing to be the best you can be?

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