Episode 117 – Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo launched ONE Extraordinary Marriage to fill a need in their marriage. They offer a podcast, coaching, print and ebooks, audio and video courses, sharable quotes, and more.

Show Overview

  • Tony and Alisa launched ONE Extraordinary Marriage to fill a need in their marriage when they could not find the resources they needed. They started a blog but discovered they didn’t like writing that much. Soon they discovered podcasts and the rest is history. They launched in January 2010 and recently recorded episode 400! Their main product is the podcast but they offer lots of other products: coaching, print and ebooks, audio and video courses, sharable quotes, and more. Their goal is to impact one marriage. They ask themselves everyday, “Where’s the one marriage that we’re going to impact today.” It’s simple and effective.


  • Nonfiction books, podcast, ebooks, blog, audio and video courses, coaching, reports, sharable quotes, and more.

Our Books

Our Motivation

  • It’s been the same since we started. To change one marriage. To impact one marriage. We ask ourselves everyday, “Where’s the one marriage that we’re going to impact today.” It’s simple.

About Writing

  • Most writers know what they want to write. They have a purpose and a vision. Back when we started we didn’t have that so writing was hard. Now we can do that.

Our Style

  • From the start we decided to be open, honest, and transparent. We didn’t want couples to feel alone in their marriages like we had.

On Our Reach

  • We reach more people through our podcast than our writing. After eight years, we receive over 200,000 downloads each month. The books become reinforcements to what people were talking about, We built the resources that came out of the needs from the podcast. They compliment each other.

How We Set Ourselves Apart from Other Marriage Shows

  • We share our lives each week. Our show is Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, a couple who lives in San Diego, with two kids, businesses, family and friends. Each week we share the high and low times. The show is us sharing everyday life.

My Most Difficult Writing Challenge

  • We have everything so structured that we don’t have many challenges. Occasionally though we ask ourselves what are we going to talk about this week. For writing, it’s always do we have enough to share and what’s our outline.

My Most Rewarding Moment as an Author

  • Alisa – It’s getting the email from listeners describing how their lives have been changed. It’s getting the picture of a couple on a beach renewing their wedding vows – after almost getting divorced. It’s the stories of lives changed because they found our podcast.
  • Tony – It’s about building relationships. It’s seeing the change that’s happening in their life.

Tony and Alisa’s Tip to Hitting Your Writing Goals

  • Get up really early and find your local coffee shop, Throw in your ear buds, stay focused, and write.
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How To Find Tony & Alisa

About Tony and Alisa from their Amazon Author’s page

From My Perspective

  • In the show’s From My Perspective segment talks about “What else could should this be?” As you look at your writing, consider everything else it can be: courses, ebooks, coaching, podcast, booklets, audio and video, and more.

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