Episode 120 – Dave Jaworski wrote Microsoft Secrets about an insider’s view of the computer giant going from worst to first.

Listen and learn as Dave Jaworski talks about writing Microsoft Secrets, his new book about Microsoft's journey from worst to first. http://bit.ly/2oNVXwl @davejaworsk Click To Tweet

Show Overview

  • Dave Jaworski pulled stories from his experience working for Microsoft where they went from worst to first. He worked for Microsoft for eight years as a marketing representative and then two years in product development. He values his ability to translate tech to normal human speak so he can help people understand technology. In this exciting interview we learn about Microsoft as it grew from worst to first in software applications. Dave shares the interesting process he used to write Microsoft Secrets, the challenges of writing a book about secrets,


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My Writing Motivation

  • I wanted to respect the reader and make sure it was ready and spoke clearly. The people I was writing for kept me motivated to stay the journey and make sure it was a quality output at the end of the day.

What Was the Hardest Part of Writing the Book

  • The hardest part was editing down. I didn’t want it to be like War and Peace. I wanted it to be a fun, light ride that you don’t have to be techie to read.

My Most Difficult Writing Challenge

  • My fear was that I didn’t want to forget. I didn’t want to have the book out on shelves and remember a story of somebody who was really important and I’d forgotten to honor that person.

My Writing Process

  • I used Scrivener to capture notes and thoughts, I used iMindMap to map everything out. Then using a digital recorder I spoke the book with my Scrivener and iMindMap files open in front of me. I narrated the whole thing front to back. In 30 days I had a complete book.

What Others Can Learn From My Journey

  • Let the journey unfold the way it unfolds. After finishing the book in 30 days, I thought it would be out in 60 to 90 days. Rookie mistake! Enjoy the journey and take lessons on what you’ve learned.

My Most Rewarding Moment as an Author

  • The discussions with my wife Susan were valuable and gave healing after the difficult years of my work and travel while she was home with the children.

The Best Advice on Writing I Ever Received

  • The best advice I received was to just write. Don’t edit while you write. Just get it out of you.

My Best Advice for Struggling Writers

  • Just write. Don’t edit yourself, don’t critique yourself, just write. Let it pour out of you. And then when you have that raw energy out on paper or your computer, then you can work on the editing.
Just write. Don’t edit yourself, don’t critique yourself, just write. Let it pour out of you. And then when you have that raw energy out on paper or your computer, then you can work on the editing. http://bit.ly/2oNVXwl @davejaworski Click To Tweet

My Favorite Books on Writing

  • The Memoir Project by Marian Roach Smith had a huge impact on my writing and editing. Secondly, Michael Hyatt’s book Platform.

My Favorite Resources

How To Find Me

About Dave from His Amazon Author’s page

  • Dave Jaworski has over thirty years of sales, technology, and executive management experience. Dave was the third employee at Microsoft Canada, and served as the national sales manager before being promoted to general manager of Western US Sales. There he led the team managing 80 percent of Microsoft’s US business. Dave was promoted to GM of US Sales Operations and then led a turnaround as head of Microsoft University. He received the first ever Bill Gates Chairman’s Award of Excellence. Dave and his wife Susan have four children and three grandchildren and reside in Nashville, TN.

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