Episode 128 – Colleen Kelly Alexander is an athlete, motivational speaker, and author about surviving trauma after getting run over on her bike by a Freightliner truck.

Show Overview

  • Colleen Kelly Alexander is a motivational speaker and author, and an amazing athlete. Her inspirational story is about how she survived the trauma of being run over on her bike by a Freightliner truck. She had over 78 units of blood and CPR in the trauma bay. The people who worked on her are her heroes. In the interview we talk about the heroes around us, how she wrote the book, her motivation to keep going, and more. After all this she run and cycles and does triathlons. She gives her medals to her heroes and new heroes she meets. Her book Gratitude in Motion: A True Story of Hope, Determination, and the Everyday Heroes Around Us is about her story of surviving trauma and honoring the heroes around her.


  • Nonfiction

Gratitude in MotionMy Book

My Writing Obstacles

  • What was difficult for me was that something that was very personal to me, my story, had to be looked at as a business transaction. So there had to be a cost with essentially selling my story.

Why I Wrote the Book

  • It’s for the little 4-year old Colleen who did not yet know pain and fear. There’s a lot of internal healing in the book. And for the men and women out there who have lost touch with themselves.

How Do We Find the Heroes Inside Us?

  • It’s about honoring and falling in love with yourself. It’s being selfless. Take a step back and look at yourself without self-judgement, and look at your incredible attributes and honoring them.

The Best Advice on Writing I Ever Received

  • The best advice I received was to just write. To not wait until the words are feeling correct in my mind but to just write and get as much out that’s flowing through my mind as possible.

The Hardest Part of Writing the Book

  • Being very honest of my own past.Things I had never wanted to share publicly.

The Process of Writing the Book

  • I wrote on an iPad and keyboard as I had energy in the rehab center. Then I blogged about my experiences as I was in and out of the hospital for more surgeries. Then one day a friend asked asked if I had ever thought of writing a book. It was a long several year process once I hired an editor.

My Most Rewarding Moment as an Author

  • It’s when someone emails me and says they’ve always wanted to donate blood and then they read my book and now they’ve donated for the first time. It’s when someone says they did something they were always scared and reluctant to do and how grateful they were for taking that step.
It’s rewarding when someone emails me and says they've always wanted to donate blood and then they read my book and now they've donated for the first time. Colleen Kelly Alexander, author to Gratitude in Motion. @colleenkellyal Click To Tweet

If You’re Trying to tell Your Story

  • Let yourself grieve and mourn, and be upset through this process. Find an outlet that’s a safe space, finding support groups and a base of support and people that are willing to hold you up.

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From My Perspective

  • The From My Perspective segment of the show looks at the blog by best-seller and prolific author Jerry Jenkins at JerryJenkns.com, and his wealth of advice and information for writers.

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