About Writers & Authors on Fire

Writers & Authors on Fire was developed out of the desire to help writers and authors – especially new and intermediate writers, and authors wanting to expand their writing world. The website has three components: the podcast, and website, and a blog – each designed to inspire and ignite your writing.

The Podcast

You’ll hear interviews with writers, authors, editors, agents, and publishers; monologues about writing and the craft of writing; tips on writing and how to get the most out of writers conferences; updates on the ever-changing publishing world; book reviews; reviews of writing tools; and more. Our aim is to inspire you to keep on writing, to master the submission process, and get your writing published. The podcast episodes of writers and authors will feature an in-depth section of their writing journey, motivators, challenges and successes, goals, learnings, and genre specify questions; and a lighter section highlighting their writing process. Episodes with editors, agents, and publishers will feature questions and material specific to their roles in writing and publishing. Each show will feature a “show notes” page with key highlights of the interview, links to their website and books, and more. The goal of the podcast is for you to listen, learn, be inspired, and then write.

The Website

The website is designed to do several things. First, it supports the podcast. As new episodes are released, a show notes page is added for each show. This page will highlight parts of the interview; a photo of the guest; their genre; links to the guest’s website and social media contacts; and their books, favorite authors, recommended books on writing, recommended resources. Additional pages support these last four features. Planned additions to the website will be rolled out over the coming months. These include sections on:

  • The publishing process – query letters, book proposals, editing, manuscript formats, marketing, and more
  • The writing process – pages about articles, fiction, nonfiction, devotionals, fantasy, mystery, children, teens, and more
  • Attending writers’ conferences – pitching, meeting with faculty, choosing a conference, and more
  • Resources
  • A writing glossary

The Blog

The blog will be about writing. It will update readers when new podcast shows are released, identify issues and advancements in writing and publishing, showcase writing related books and resources about writing, offer tips on writing and attending writers’ conferences, and more.

John Vonhof

John Vonhof is a freelance writer who writes for the Christian and secular markets with a knack for finding ideas and then developing them into resources for people looking for help. John has self-published four books and two booklets, two of which later picked-up by mainstream publishers, has been published in Christian and secular magazines, newsletters and Internet sites, and manages three blogs. He is the owner and publisher of Footwork Publications.

Conference Speaker

John has taught at the Mt. Hermon, Florida, Castro Valley, San Diego, and Hercules Christian Writer’s Conferences; The Bay Area Independent Publishers Association’s Conference; and the Learning Annex in San Francisco. As a result of his self-publishing efforts and the success of his resources, he is a popular speaker at writer’s conferences. His seminar topics include:

  • Get Published
  • Your Writing Niche
  • Book Marketing, Promotion & Publicity
  • Marketing, Promotion and PR: Getting the Word Out
  • Building A Personalized Marketing Plan
  • What Makes A Great Idea?
  • I want it! – Book and Article Ideas Publishers Will Love
  • Tips to a Successful Book
  • Writing for Niche Markets
  • Alternatives in Publishing
  • Inside the Mind of a Publisher: Enhancing Your Writing by Thinking, Writing and Marketing Like a Publisher
  • Dreaming Ideas and Writing Information that Sells
  • 101 Ways to Market Your Books

John’s Writing

He has been active in church and on church boards for years, therefore his books on The Pastoral Search Journey: A Guide to Finding Your Next Pastor.

John has run marathons and ultramarathons, and fastpacked in the High Sierras. Licensed as a paramedic and orthopaedic technician, with 6+ years experience in an emergency room / trauma center, he knows about the medical field. That has lead to the following resources:

John and his wife Kathie live in Manteca, in the heart of the California Central Valley. Now retired, John rides his road bike most early mornings and writes most days and evenings.

John Vonhof

John Vonhof

Webmaster & Podcaster

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