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Join us as we launch the new podcast: Writers & Authors on Fire – designed to share tips, tools, trends, and training, to help you listen, learn, and be inspired, and then – write.

Thank you for making your way over here! Subscribing, rating, and reviewing Writers & Authors on Fire Podcast is very easy.

By the way, with most apps you can listen to podcast episodes variable speeds. iTunes and Stitcher offers speeds from 0.5 to 2x for free. Overcast offers additional speeds for their fee mentioned below.

Subscribing in iTunes

Instructions to Leave an iTunes Rating and Review

  • Click here for: Writers & Authors on Fire Podcast on iTunes
  • That should automatically direct you to Writers & Authors on Fire podcast page
  • Click “Ratings and Reviews”
  • Click “Write A Review”
  • Enter Your iTunes info
  • Click a rating, leave a review, then click “Send” (If inspired, please consider giving us 5 stars)
  • Thank You. Your support is appreciated.

Subscribing in Stitcher

Click here for: Writers & Authors on Fire Podcast in Stitcher
Stitcher Radio, at,  is an app for android users but you can also download the app on your iPhone and iPad. Just search for the app in your smartphone’s app directory. Download the app and then search for the podcast by name. When the screen comes up, touch the “+” sign to the right and then add the show to your playlist. You can also click on the Listen button on the their website’s homepage, set up an account and add podcasts to your playlist.

Subscribing in Blubrry

Click here for: Writers & Authors on Fire Podcast in Blubrry
Blubrry is a podcast directory and their website is You can listen at the website or download an MP3. Blubrry give listeners the option of creating a MyCast subscription account for free. Then you can search for and subscribe to different podcasts and access them all in your account.

IOS apps

Overcast – If you don’t like Apple’s podcast app, you can always try Overcast, an app in iTunes. The app is free, but they offer some cool additional features for $4.99 (variable speeds, smart sped to shorten silences, voice boosts, and more). Search for it in the iTunes app store.

Downcast – Another podcast app in the iTunes store is Downcast. Its price is $2.99. The app is similar to Overcast offering variable speeds and other features. You can also search for it in the iTunes app store.

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