Thank you so very much for conducting this wonderful interview with Karen O’Connor. This interview really touched my heart and opened up a whole new attitude with my writing. I loved when Karen said to be who you are and write what you are passionate about. This interview would be a wonderful gift to any writer. I loved it. Thank you so much for your thoughtful questions for Karen and your suggestions. As a writer, you know how to draw out the best in the people you interview so that it will really help your audience to live passionately as a writer. ~ Sandra Victor

As an Amazon best-selling author, I strongly recommend you listen to to this podcast. You will acquire great insights, tips and resources to empower you in your journey. ~ Mario B. – (iTunes)

By interviewing so many authors/writers, John helps us learn writing tips from so many different authors. Excellent in-depth interviews and the show notes are super helpful. Love how he links to the books, websites, and features that are talked about in the show. Also love that I can get an idea what each show is about from those overview notes. Highly encourage writers to listen in and learn to grow their craft to learn the industry. Angie Breidenbach (iTunes)

If you want to write a book now or anytime in the future, give this one a listen. Learn from top authors how to do what they do and save both time and money. Well done. ~ Omar Zenhom – The $100 MBA Show podcast (iTunes)

I have to tell your listeners that your [John] classes were always the classes I went to when I went to writers’ conferences in California. You always had an entrepreneurial spirit that I think is missing in a lot of writers and so I am seriously honored to be on your show. Thank you for having me. ~ Joanne Kraft – Episode 014

John does a wonderful job interviewing some very experienced and diverse authors on this show. As a published author, I was able to learn a lot of information that was new to me from some of his guests. Great job… keep it coming! ~ Protectionguy (iTunes)

I think this is a great podcast for current and future authors and writers who want to learn more about the writing, publishing, and marketing process from others who have experienced it. Thank you John for this hot podcast. ~ John P Smith Jr. (iTunes)

John does a wonderful job of analyzing how writers can become published authors. Lots of helpful advice and tips. ~ Elle Martinez (iTunes)

Highly recommend this podcast if you are a writer or inspiring to become a writer! Intriguing look into the minds and thought processes of today’s top writers and authors through intelligent, well-planned questions by the host. ~ William J. Mather (iTunes)

Wow! I want to write a book. Thank you John for sharing these insightful interviews from such generous authors. Listening to these interviews is like a masterclass on steroids. Love it and can’t wait to start writing. ~ M. M.D. Kelley (iTunes)

As a new author getting ready to launch my first book, I found this podcast outstanding and so helpful. There are not many resources for new authors  I was pleased to find this one. Great job. ~ Larry Hagner (iTunes)

A great insight into the minds of authors. John takes relative unknown writers and makes you feel like they’re your best friend and can’t wait to see their work. ~ Jark Mabroni

If you are a writer or want to be one then this is the podcast for you. This show will take your writing to a whole new level. ~ ThrivingEntrepreneur podcast (iTunes)

This is a must listen for anyone who fancies herself an author or aspiring author. Great show! ~ Michelle Y. Talbert (iTunes)

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